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Anti Spam Policy

DomainsNow4U.com does not tolerate unsolicited bulk email ("spam").

If you receive unsolicited junk email, please forward a complete copy, including the header, using our feedback form.

Senders of junk email ("spammers") are not welcome at DomainsNow4U.com. 


Important Note: For an email to be classified as a "spam" it must be an unsolicited sending.


Are you fed up to the teeth with unsolicited email messages arriving in your In-Box?


Here at DomainsNow4U.com we have gradually become more and more annoyed with receiving spam messages.  In the beginning it was just a trickle, but over time the quantity increased until a few months ago when we were getting several hundred per day :-(.


We needed to take action, and quickly, to filter out all those unwanted email messages before we drowned in spam!


Searching the web we found a piece of software appropriately called IHateSpam and we've been using it ever since.


Why? What's so great about this anti-spam software?


Well, IHateSpam is easy to install, simple to use, plus it efficiently and quickly filters out all the unwanted rubbish messages from genuine emails. The result is that we now have full and fast control over the ever increasing flood of spam.


Discover this useful anti-spam tool now -- click here to take a closer look.

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I want you to know that after my first year of doing a considerable amount of business with DomainsNow4U.com, I have been very pleased with your service. The swiftness that my new domain names propagate
is the best I've seen and I really like how your website is set up for members. Managing my 75 domains has been a real breeze. Thanks Fred, I look forward to many years to come as a client of yours.

Sincerely, Frank J. Khoury


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