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Cheap Web Site Promotion

What is web site promotion?

How can I promote my web site and get top listings in Google without spending a cent?

When we talk about web site promotion, what we mean is the way we go about advertising our web site online and offline to ensure it gets a steady and growing number of visitors.


In this short article I'll be concentrating entirely on online promotion and how to get visitors to your website without spending a cent :-)



So you want visitors to your web site...


You want lots of website visitors...


But you don't want just any visitors... 



You want TARGETED visitors, the ones who are interested in what your web site offers before they even arrive! 


So the first thing to remember is don't waste your time getting site visitors who are unlikely to have any interest in what your web site offers. 

Instead, devote your time to getting targeted visitors.



Getting targeted web site visitors is a concern for all webmasters. And getting them for cheap or, even better, for nothing is an increasing challenge. 


So let's look at these 3 simple facts...

1.  Statistics show that about 95% of all web users start to find what they're looking for at search engines. 

2.  The majority of searchers use only the big name search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and a few others. 

3.  More than 80% of all searches use Google or another search engine powered by Google.

So using these facts, I have devised a rewarding strategy which I call "MiniMax".


What is the MiniMax strategy? 

Simply put, MiniMax is a way to promote your web site cheap or for free by getting the maximum revenue for the minimum cost and effort. :-)


My budget is limited and so is my time, so here's what I do...

►  I just concentrate on the biggest search engine of all - Google, which today powers over 80% of all web searches. 

►  Get your site indexed in Google and it's automatically included in Yahoo!, AOL, Netscape and many other search engines with no extra effort! 

►  Plus, Google is the last important search engine which allows you to submit for FREE :-)



To get well ranked in Google I concentrate on 3 things: 

1.  Content.

I try to have as much good, original textual content as possible, each page focusing on one or two selected keywords or key-phrases. Good places to find suitable keywords are Overture and WordTracker.



2.  Internal linking.

Internal links are the way the pages of a web site are linked together. Even if a site of mine has only one page, I add other pages called, say, "About Us", "Contact Us", "Links", "Site map", etc. with suitable content, and I make sure each page links back to my home page as well as linking to each other. That way each page benefits with inward links. And inward links are one of the things Google loves. Google provides a lot of useful free advice to webmasters which is well worth studying and following.



3.  Inward links.

Inward links are the links from other web sites which increase your site's link popularity, an increasingly important factor now used by nearly all search engines in the ranking process. 

I concentrate on text links only. That's because banners are graphics which Google really doesn't understand. Plus banners on a page slows down the loading speed in the visitor's browser, tempting him to click away. 


I don't use any automated linking programs like linkstoyou.com. Google hates these link farms and has been known to ban sites that link to them.



I work on getting link partners manually, one by one

Yes, it's time consuming, but the nice part is you don't actually need a huge number of links to substantially improve link popularity. So I concentrate on exchanging links with a relatively small number of sites that have related content and which have high Google PageRank values of 5 or more. 


What is Google PageRank

Well, it's Google's way of ranking the importance of any web page and you can see it for yourself when you have the free Google Toolbar installed in your browser.


But searching for link partners which have high Google PageRank is very time consuming so I use a time-saving online tool called Desktop Spider.


With this easy-to-use Desktop Spider software you just enter a website url or a keyword. Then Desktop Spider queries the search engines and finds out which sites link to the site you entered or which match your keyword. 

Then the Spider queries again to find out how many inward links each site has and returns the results in order from most links to fewest. 

Done in seconds. The sites with the most inward links are the ones I contact for valuable reciprocal links to improve my site's link popularity and search engine rankings.

In this short article I haven't had the space to go into all the detail about linking and optimising your web site. 

If you're keen for exact "how to" tips and advice, I thoroughly recommend a new book by Jay Stockwell called "Microsite Miracles".  

It's jam full of excellent information, plus what I really like... it's written for people in a hurry - so concise, no word wasted. Well worth the price. Here's the link:

"Microsite Miracles".

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