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Domain Name Billing - Frequently Asked Questions



What methods of payment does DomainsNow4U accept?

Can I pay by any method other than credit card?

Can I get a receipt?

I tried to register/transfer a domain and it didn't go through, but it looks like I was charged?

What is a CVV2 number?

Error Message: "Call Voice Center"

Error Message: "Bad Card"

Who do I contact for additional assistance?





Can I pay by any method other than credit card?

DomainsNow4U.com accepts all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

If you don't have a credit card, you can set up an account with us and make a deposit by pre-paying for your .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info domain names by certified US Dollar check or by money order in US Dollars. We also accept pre-payments by PayPal and by Western Union.

Each domain registration, renewal or transfer will draw from this account until the funds are depleted.

You may start an account with any amount of money, but you must have at least $12 in your account to register or renew a domain or to transfer an existing domain name to us from another registrar.

To pre-pay by PayPal or by Western Union, please follow Step 1 below. Then contact us for details.

To pre-pay by Certified Check or Money Order in US Dollars, please follow these steps:

  1. You need to open an Account.  If you are an existing user, you already have an account, so skip to step 2 below.  If you are a new user, you can open an account this way....  Go to my home page at https://www.DomainsNow4U.com and search for a domain that does not exist, such as: asdgsdfgwtertgrteqagsdfbdswtwfafvasdfweragdasfvasfasfwfasfwe.com. When that comes up as available, click the Checkout button and then enter the New User section. Fill out the default information for the new account, and click Continue. You may enter default credit card info as the following- VISA 4444444444444444 03/03.  This is a "dummy" credit card account.  After your new account has been verified, click the Cancel button to stop the registration. You will not be charged, and the domain will not be registered if you click the Cancel button, but the account will still be valid.  Make a careful note of the UserName and Password you enter on the account sign-up form because you will need this information when you later login to your account.  After completing the sign-up form, please return to this page and continue to step 2 below.

  2. Write your certified check or money order in US Dollars to the order of: Innerwise Inc. and send it, together with your UserName to: Itsyourdomain.com, 96 Mowat Ave., Toronto ON., Canada, M6K 3M1.  Important: You must include your UserName when you send your check so that the money will be placed safely in YOUR account!  For security reasons, do NOT include your Password.

  3. Email me and mention in your message: "Check Payment for Domain Name" and include the following:  Your full NAME, your USERNAME, your full ADDRESS with CITY and COUNTRY.  Tell me the AMOUNT of the check or money order, the DATE sent, and the METHOD (for example: ordinary mail, or airmail, or registered, etc). 

  4. As soon as your check is received and cashed, the amount will be placed into your account, so you may like to login from time to time (use the procedure in 5. below) to check whether you have been credited.  If your account is not credited in a reasonable time, please email me and I will investigate promptly.

  5. Once your account has been credited, you can register, renew or transfer your domain name(s) using our registration box. Alternatively, use the Multiple Registration Form to search and register up to 120 domains at one time. When you reach the payment area at the end of the registration process, you will see an indicator near the bottom of the page showing the cash balance on your account.

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Can I get a receipt?

In order to keep our costs low, DomainsNow4U does not provide any paper billing. All of our transactions are conducted online.

However our management tools do provide the ability to track billing history and get an online receipt which you can print out. Log in to our management section using the username and password you selected when you created or last updated your account. Once logged in, go to the "Manage Your Domain" section and click the "Billing History/ Receipts" link to get details of your payments. Please note that this service commenced November 2002 so any earlier payments will not display.  

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I tried to register/transfer a domain and it didn't go through, but it looks like I was charged?

When you attempt to make a purchase in our credit card system, funds are "authorized" on your credit card. This is not a charge, but a test to ensure that you have the funds available for the purchase. After the authorization returns a result of sufficient funds, we attempt to register the domain(s). If the domain registration fails for any reason, there will be a void that accompanies the attempted charge. The net result is that there will be no charge that posts to your account. 

However, there is still that authorization on your credit card. This authorization looks like a charge, and will reduce your available credit, but will expire on its own within a few days on most cards. Some card systems, notably debit cards and PayPal cards (because they both deal with your bank account) hang on to authorizations longer. You should contact your credit provider for the specific authorization policy. 

It is for this reason that we recommend contacting technical support if you are having trouble registering a domain.  Important: If you continue to submit time after time, you will rack up a large number of authorizations, and may run out of available credit or freeze your account funds. You may even cause your credit card company to suspect fraud, and they will put a hold on your card.

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What is a CVV2 number?

CVV2 is a security measure required for all transactions. Since a CVV2 number is listed on your credit card, but is not stored anywhere, the only way to know the correct CVV2 number for your credit card is to physically have possession of the card itself. All Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards issued in USA in the past 5 years or so have a CVV2 number, while those in Europe and Asia will be joining the CVV2 program shortly. 

Below are further details about your CVV2 number.  If you have any additional questions about CVV2, please contact your bank or credit card issuer.

CVV2 is an authentication scheme established by credit card companies for reducing fraudulent internet transactions. It consists of requiring a card holder to enter the CVV2 number at transaction time in order to verify that the card is on hand. 

Visa & MasterCard
Your CVV2 number is printed on your MasterCard & Visa card in the signature area of the back of the card. (It is the last 3 digits AFTER the credit card number in the signature area of the card). 

American Express
American Express cards have the CVV2 number printed above and to the right of the imprinted card number on the front of the card. 

If your credit card does not have a CVV2 number please enter 000 in the CVV2 field.

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Error Message: "Call Voice Center"

Your credit card company has questions regarding the validity of the charge you attempted with us. Please contact your credit card company and identify yourself as the card-holder (most credit card companies use your mother's maiden name or your social security number for security).

After you have verified your identity and your intent to complete this transaction, your credit card company will allow the charge to go through unhindered.

You may then return to the transaction and submit it again.

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Error Message: "Bad Card"

"Bad Card" means one or more of the following... 

There may be a typo in your credit card number, the expiration date may be invalid, the CVV2 number may be incorrect, the address (especially ZIP code) may not match exactly.  There may also be a problem on the credit card company's end, the credit limit has been reached, the card has been reported stolen, etc..

You should re-check all of the credit card data before submitting it again very carefully to rule out an error on your part, then contact your credit card company to resolve the status of the card.

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