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Domain Name Control and Security


What does it mean to "control" my domain names?  Why is domain name security important?


Here are some tips to ensure that you never lose your valuable domain names



So what are we talking about? What does it mean to "control" my domain names? 

And why is domain name security important?


Your domain name is important because it is the essence of your online identity. It's how people remember you or your web site when they type it into their browser or send you an email. Click here

If you lose control of your domain name, you are losing virtually everything you stand for online. If someone else gains control, they can point your domain name to a different web site or use your domain's email addresses for their own purpose. 

You risk losing all your website visitors and any income you earn online.


Read on to find out how expiring domain names is only one of the risks. You could actually lose control without your domain name ever expiring!


Three rules to control your domains

1.  Make sure YOU are the Registrant

2.  Make sure the domain's Administrative Contact is someone you trust 100%

3.  Keep organized


Let's look at these rules one by one to see how each is essential for staying in control over all your domain names. Because you need to follow all 3 rules if you want to keep your domains really secure. 



1.  Make sure YOU are the Registrant

The domain owner is the "Registrant" mentioned in the public online "WHOIS" database. The domain's Registrant, who can be a person or a company, has the sole right to buy and sell the domain. So if you are the Registrant of the domain name, it means nobody else can sell it without your agreement.


2.  Beware the "Administrative Contact" !

If you or your company owns domain names, it's very important you take care that the person you select as the domain's "Administrative Contact" is someone you trust. 

That's because the domain's Administrative Contact is also registered in the online "WHOIS" database, and he or she has full individual power to administer the domain.

For example, did you know that the Administrative Contact can have the domain transferred to another registrar without the domain owner's knowledge or permission. 

See, according to ICANN rules, registrar transfers only require the approval of the domain's Administrative Contact. The owner of the domain is not involved in the transfer procedure because the rules assume that the owner has nominated an Administrative Contact he fully trusts.

If the domain's owner (Registrant) is also the Administrative Contact, of course no problem arises. But the classic example of trouble occurs when you, the domain owner, fall out with a friend or employee whom you earlier nominated the Administrative Contact for your domains. 

A disgruntled Administrative Contact can cause you serious trouble if you have not taken suitable action in advance to secure your domain names.

3.  How can I keep organized to keep control over my domains and keep them secure?

Lock your domains. Some domain registration services offer a Domain Lock facility.

At DomainsNow4U.com our Domain Lock feature section is password-protected, meaning only the authorized user can access this section. The username and password to the domain account is not enough. 

Once you activate Domain Lock, no changes to your domain will be permitted. Your domain will have to be unlocked by you before the domain can change hosting, contacts, registrants or even transfer out to another registrar.


Keep all your domain names in one place.

Keep careful note of your domain name account details.

Make sure your domains don't expire:

If your domain is connected to your web site and you have been getting visitors from the search engines, be careful to renew your domain name before it expires. Expired domain names with search engine traffic are in big demand and once expired, it can be difficult or impossible to get your domain back.

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