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Change Domain Ownership - Frequently Asked Questions



What if I sell my domain to someone else?

Is there a fee to register a change of domain ownership?

How can I change the owner (registrant info) for my domain name?

I have been through the Ownership Change process but the domain is still showing up in my account. How can I move the domain into the new owner's account?

Must the name of the owner (registrant) of a domain and contact information be accurate?

Who do I contact for additional assistance?




What if I sell my domain to someone else?

You may change the ownership of a domain (also known as updating the registrant information) online through your domain manager control panel.

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Is there a fee to register a change of domain ownership?

No. This service is free at DomainsNow4U.com.

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How can I change the registrant info for my domain name?

To begin, click the Member Login link at https://www.DomainsNow4U.com. Enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your username and password, you can enter the email address you used at the time of registration to receive your username and password via email.

Once you're in the management system, to change the owner (registrant) for a domain, click the "Ownership Change" link in the Change/Update Information section. 

If this is your first visit to the Ownership Change section, you'll be asked to set up a security password for your own protection. You must choose a question and provide the answer. You will be prompted for this answer every time you return to this section. IMPORTANT: Please choose something memorable. If you forget your answer, you will not be able to change it without contacting support. 

Once you have supplied the security password, click on the domain whose ownership you want to change. If you have a large number of domains, you can browse through your list, 50 at a time, or you can search for a specific domain. 

Once you have clicked on the domain, the current information will be displayed. Make any necessary changes and then click the Continue button.

The ownership change will be finalized -- if there are no errors -- immediately. However, we do keep a log of all the old information for future reference, if there is ever any question. 

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I have been through the Ownership Change process but...

To move a domain to another account, please follow these steps:

1. Login to you account with your username and password. 

2. After login, go to the "Change/Update Information" section and click the "Ownership Change" link.

3. The first time you log into the "Ownership Change" section, you must choose your security question and password. You must provide this password upon subsequent visits to the "Ownership Change" section. Please choose carefully because if you forget your security password, you will not be able to get access to this section without contacting support. We keep a record of all registrant changes. If you believe fraud has been perpetrated, please contact support immediately, with proof that you were the original owner of record changes. We will investigate all ownership change cases promptly.

4. On the next page, click "Move Your Domain". A list of your domains will appear.

5. Click on the domain you want to move to another account. 

6. If the destination account already exists, please skip to step 7 below. If you need to create a new destination account, click the link as shown. There is no charge to create a new account. Note that certain fields, including credit card details, are "required", i.e. they MUST be filled to successfully create the new account. If you do not know the credit card details, you may enter the following default credit card info: VISA 4444444444444444 03/03. This is a "dummy" credit card which can be changed to the correct information later.

7. If the destination account already exists, enter its Username in the box and repeat the same Username in the 2nd box to verify. Then click the "Continue" button and follow the online instructions to complete the process.

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Must the name of the owner (registrant) of a domain and contact information be accurate?

Bear in mind that from a legal standpoint, the registrant listed in the WHOIS database for a domain is its beneficial owner. Although you may use contact information of your choice for a domain registrant, you should take care. Many people are reluctant to use their personal information, especially if a domain may be objectionable to some. That is understandable. However ICANN policy is that contact information MUST be valid, as is laid out in our Terms of Service. We encourage you to use business-related, or other secure contact information, if you are reluctant to list your home contact information. Understand that if you use invalid name and/or contact information, and someone objects, it may be used against you to terminate your domain.

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