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Boosting Online Credibility - What is iCop?

And What Can iCop Do for Me?

(apart from allowing me to register domain names for only $9.95 per year!)

iCop stands for the International Council of Online Professionals

The International Council of Online Professionals is the organization for home based and other businesses that sets the industry standard of business ethics that every online business should follow!

Very simply:

iCop Membership Gives Your Website the Credibility to Boost Your Bottom Line!

Just give this a thought...

  • When your website visitor is thinking of buying, how does she know she can trust you?

  • How can she know your online business won't seduce her with promises, then quickly forget her once her cash is in your pocket?

  • How can you convince her she won't be left on her own if she has problems with her purchase? 

  • And how does she know you're even interested in consumer protection? 

  • In fact, how can you prove to her that your entire Web business isn't a front for a carefully organized scam with no business ethics? 


Yes, you say you're honest... 

You say you have great customer service... 

And your polished sales copy, your professionally designed Web site, and your no-quibble money-back guarantee appears to be genuine. 

But ... 

"How does she KNOW?" 

You see she, and millions of others, are becoming so cynical and distrustful, they're finding it more and more difficult to buy anything from an online business. 

They've been burned too many times by disreputable and dishonest Web companies masquerading behind a glossy mask of professionalism. 

So they seek out those who they know can be trusted, and spend their money with them. 

Don't you do the same?! 

So how does this affect you? 

Well, it's a well documented fact that the greatest individual fear confronting Internet users today, is determining who is legitimate - and who isn't... 

Who uses good business ethics - and who doesn't? 

Where is the industry standard? 

It's become a guessing game. 

For the disreputable ones, collecting the money and disappearing is extremely easy. Canceling the web page and vanishing is as easy as the click of a mouse. 

Because unfortunately, the Internet is the perfect haven for scams and unprofessional conduct. 

So no matter how honest you may be ... 

"These scamsters are affecting YOUR business!"

Harsh words?  They're meant to be.  

Because it's not only the customers who are the victims. 

Reliable sources tell us that over 70% of people begin the buying process, only to leave without committing themselves to a purchase.


Because when it comes to the crunch they get cold feet.

They get nervous.

They need assurance that they're correct in trusting you.

They look around for re-assurance about your company's credibility.

They even want insurance in case they have a problem. 

And if there's even the slightest doubt ... 

Click...they leave! 

So the customer loses, and you - the honest business owner - also lose.  It's a no-win situation for both of you. 

"So what's the answer?" 

How can you reassure your customers of your integrity?

What steps can you take to ensure that your sales are not harmed by the ill founded skepticism of your visitors? 

It's no good sticking your head in the sand and protesting your innocence. Because, like it or not, Internet users tar everyone with the same brush. 

That's where iCop comes in ... 

What's in it for you?

After all, a fancy logo on your Web site isn't going to drive in extra customers, is it? 

And your promises about 'Consumer Protection' and 'Business Ethics' aren't going to set them on fire, are they? Of course not. 

But the iCop Seal Of Membership will dramatically increase your chances of building customer confidence and making that all important sale. 

Click here to read how we Police Ourselves to Protect the Consumer

...and many sales thereafter. 

Imagine your customer's mindset as her finger hovers nervously over that BUY Button. 

Because she IS nervous - make no mistake about it. 

She wants to buy from you, that's why she's come so far. 

But no matter how many times she's bought online, she still needs reassurance to click that button. 

And if it's her first time, she needs the courage to make the decision you both want. 

She wants that little extra 'nudge' we all need, to convince her that doing business with you is completely safe. 

That's why so many 'nearly customers' abandon their purchase at the last second. 

It's called human nature! 

So how do you think she feels when she sees your... 
... iCop Seal Of Membership right there on your page? 


Click here to read how we Police Ourselves to Protect the Consumer


Now that's a pretty powerful reassurance shot, don't you think? 

And if she needs even more reassurance, one click of her mouse can give her a pop-up verification page containing the "Members Pledge." 

Within seconds she'll gain all the confidence she could ever need when she reads the headline ... 

"Honesty + Accountability + Integrity = Excellence"

Click here to read how we Police Ourselves to Protect the Consumer

Now she knows how honest and credible you and your company really are. 

Because now she can see the stringent high standards that you and your fellow iCop members strive to maintain. 

Now she knows she can relax in the knowledge that she is dealing with a company of the highest integrity, recommended by an organization with high profile Founding Members of unimpeachable character and unquestionable professionalism. 

And she knows that in the unlikely event of a dispute, she has someone to turn to for help.

A third party organization of the highest integrity who will listen to her problem and strive to resolve it! 

So, she's been given all the confidence she needs, from a highly creditable third party testimonial, to click your Buy Button! 

Now that's what I call an impeccable testimonial. Don't you? 


So if you're accepted as an iCop Member, how will YOU specifically benefit? 

Glad you asked :-)

Here's how you'll benefit... 

  • You will gain from the training provided by iCop. Discover what your customers expect from you, and be shown how to provide it. Substantially increase your degree of professionalism.

  • Receive your own free copy of the iCop Member Manual which includes advice for Creating - and Maintaining - Online Professionalism!  Be recognized as a true Professional by customers and business owners alike. 

  • Use the experience and collective knowledge of the entire iCop Mastermind group to help improve and grow your business

  • Free access to iCop's professional Mediation and Conflict Resolution Service. iCop's Founder, jl Scott, has over 15 years 'in-the-trenches' experience as a Professional Mediator. Handling attorneys, business problems, trade and customer disputes are second nature to this 'take-no-prisoners' Mediator. 

  • Receive the iCop Monthly Rap Sheet free! Receive this report on all online business complaints reported to iCop. You'll always know what companies to avoid. And you can earn lifetime commissions selling the iCop Monthly Rap Sheet to non-members.

  • Also receive incredible special discounts on much needed products and services for your company web site. Save vast amounts of money on everything you need to make your online business successful, including Domain Name Registrations for only $9.95 per year which I told you about earlier. Dozens of other discounts are also available via the iCop Networking System. 

  • Increase your "bottom line" by participating in iCop's new Networking System and offering special discounts to other iCop members on your own products or services. 

  • Free article, or advertisement, in iCop's newsletter when you launch a new Web site or product.

  • Free subscription to THE iCop WHISTLE BLOWER! - packed with advice and information about everything that's happening in the gray murky waters of the WWW. This ezine "names names" of unethical online businesses!

  • Network with other like-minded iCop pros to build your online business with the highest degree of professionalism! Check out the iCop Member Directory for a list of top professionals! 

  • Gain a place to learn, discuss, complain and bring your challenges at the iCop private Member's Center. This includes a discussion board, private email lists, and a private chat room for Council meetings as well as for moderated discussions. 

  • Access to free special publications, eBooks and software in our Member's Library. 

  • Access to legal resources and marketing assistance in the Member's Resource Center. 

  • Attract new business from fellow iCop Members, because they trust and respect you.

Not a bad list of benefits, eh?

Click here and apply for iCop Membership now!

Start your iCop membership and begin boosting your bottom line, and... 

Begin your access to all the other membership benefits, including... Domain Name Registrations for only $9.95! 

Join i-Cop now!

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